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Pond fountains offer a fantastic visual experience with their mesmerizing displays of water flowing up and out of the middle of lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. Beyond that obvious beauty, however, there are also hidden benefits associated with floating pond fountains that make them even more attractive. For one thing, the pond fountain float can help promote a healthier environment for the fish and plants in the area. The oxygenated water will nourish beneficial bacteria, which filter out pollutants and decompose bottom much faster, thus reducing harmful algal blooms by decreasing ammonia levels and creating a healthier aquatic habitat.

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What are the Floating Pond Fountains?

Stationary fountains are mounted in a body of water and thus do not change height. This can be a problem if your pond gets higher or lower with changes in weather. When water levels rise, the nozzle might be submerged. When water level gets too low, the inner workings of the fountain are exposed and often uglify your pond. Floating fountains, on the other hand, rise and flow with the water’s lever, because a pump and nozzle are suspended on the surface by a float.The float is anchored to the shoreline or anchored to the bottom of the pond with cinder blocks.

Bid Adieu to Stagnant and Unhealthy Water With Floating Pond Fountains

A stagnant pond isn’t just an eyesore; it can also be a significant health hazard. Without proper oxygen circulation, a pond loses its natural balance, encouraging the development of excess algae and bacteria that can threaten humans and wildlife. Upgrading your pond with a floating fountain is an excellent way to improve the water quality. The fountain pond aerator decomposes dissolved waste from water and increases oxygen levels, which leads to clearer water and improved respiratory health of fish and other aquatic life. Additionally, the fountain’s movement helps keep debris in suspension while circulating vital nutrients throughout the pond, creating a healthier environment than would otherwise be possible. The chopping of the water done by the fountain decreases stagnation and mosquito-breeding.

Floating Pond Fountains Help With Water Aeration of Ponds and Lakes

Not only does it provide a pleasant, cascading sound and visual aesthetic that adds beauty and appeal, but it also serves a practical purpose. The fountain for pond will help to keep water circulating on the surface of the water body, which can reduce the population levels of pesky insects like mosquitoes by preventing them from having an area for breeding. Additionally, this increased circulation helps to release trapped carbon dioxide and replenishes oxygen levels in the water, allowing aquatic life and plants to thrive. As a result, with just one fountain, you can enjoy vibrancy and energy in your pond or lake while keeping off bothersome pests!

Enhance the Look of the Space with LED Lights for Pond Fountains.

You can enhance the look of the large pond fountains by adding LED lights. Lights available for pond fountains are customizable and bright! Now your pond fountain will not just be a way to aerate water – it will also increase the overall property value. LED’s don’t use much electricity and are long-lasting, and can be purchased in white, changing color, or remote controls that allow you to choose a color or choose a sequence, some even programmable to music.

Maintaining a Floating Pond Fountain

To keep your lake fountains, backyard pond fountains floating, and other types of fountains running smoothly and maintain a healthy environment for pond life, there are some things that you should bear in mind when caring for it:

  1. Check the pump regularly for leaves and debris clogging its impellers – these can easily be cleared away with a pond net or your hands.
  2. Monitor the number of phosphates, or other chemicals in the water, as these can cause algal blooms.
  3. Ensure the fountain is kept from fallen branches or foliage, which can restrict its flow and affect its lifespan.

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