Pond Pump Size Calculator

Use our pond size calculator to use water calculations to predict the monthly energy cost of our products. For ponds of up to 7 or 8 feet in depth, you will need to know surface acreage. A 200 x 200’ pond is nearly one surface acre in size. For bottom aeration of ponds over 7-8 feet of depth, you will need to calculate acre feet. For assistance with surface acreage water calculations, contact us directly.

How Do I Know What Size Pump I Need for My Pond?

Before you can determine the pump size for your pond, you need to choose your water feature. Each feature comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all fix. Understanding the maximum vertical lift from the surface water, or the “head”, can help you determine what type of pump is necessary. You can learn more about water feature pumps here.

Can a Pump Be Too Big For a Pond?

Yes! If your pump is too large for your fountain’s basin, it won’t fit or work properly. If you need help determining your best option, we can help you find the right size water feature pump for your pond.

Our pond pump size calculator can help you determine what water feature pump will work most efficiently while saving you money on your utility bill. Contact us for more information. The average KW hour cost in U.S. is 18 cents, but this rate varies greatly from state to state. You should be able to find out yours by looking at your bill.

Pond Size Calculator
Electricity Calculator

Because we get questions about watts and amperage, we have added the two calculators below. If you know watts and voltage, you can calculate amps. If you know amps and voltage, you can calculate watts.

Watts to Amps Calculator
Amps to Watts Calculator