Benefits of a Pond Fountain Float

Benefits Of A Pond Fountain Float

A floating fountain is a type of water feature designed to create a visually stunning display of water in a pond, lake, or other body of water. These fountains are typically composed of a float on the water’s surface with a pump connected to it below the water’s surface that propels water through a nozzle, … Read more

How to Choose a Pond Fountain

Pond Fountains: How to Choose a Pond Fountain Pond fountains can be beautiful additions to ponds, as well as a way to keep the water healthy. Fountains for Small Ponds If you have a small, backyard pond for koi fish, most people prefer waterfalls, but pond fountains can add beauty, too, and aerate the water … Read more

Pond Aeration: The Four Kinds

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Pond Aeration, the 4 Kinds Pond Aeration, Why it is Necessary Pond aeration is necessary because ponds become stratified over time and with the switching of seasons. This means the water forms layers, typically with warmer water at the top and cooler water at the bottom. With stratification, anaerobic bacteria multiply too quickly, resulting in … Read more

Golf Course Fountains

Best Pond Fountains for Golf Courses Golf course fountains are a beautiful addition to your golf course, whether it’s a small 9-holer or a premium club. Golf course ponds have challenges that many other water applications don’t. For one thing, and this is true especially in areas of drought, the ponds are often shallow. After … Read more

Upgrade Your Pond With The Perfect Fountain Pump

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A pond or fountain can be a beautiful addition to any backyard or garden, offering a peaceful oasis for relaxation and contemplation. However, maintaining a pond can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring adequate water circulation and aeration for the health of aquatic life. It is where a fountain pumps come in – … Read more

How Do You Choose a Fountain Pump?

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When we decorate our homes, we choose the finest furniture and other items to enhance the space. A fountain in a pond or any water body can brighten the exterior space and make it look appealing. Similarly, a fountain can enhance the space outside and make it look like a million bucks! Do you also … Read more

Golf Course Fountains and Aerators

Fountains and Aerators for Golf Courses

Golf course fountains provide a hazard to golfers but also create beauty and a sense of tranquility on the course. A golf course pond or lake hazard needs to be maintained in order to reduce mosquito breeding, prevent algae, noxious odors, and keep the pond or lake aerated. Fountain Tech offers a wide selection of … Read more