Fountain Tech Pond Fountains

Fountain Tech Pond Fountains

Fountain Mountain created the Fountain Tech Pond Fountains line as an alternative for the higher-priced industrial units made by Scott and Kasco. All of these fountains produce quite a bit of aeration and beautiful displays. Every kit includes a float, a durable pump, mooring rope, and a filter basket to keep debris from entering the pump. All fountains are assembled in the US and are easy to install.

For very dirty water, as in farm ponds, we recommend you choose a Scott or Kasco, as the Fountain Tech line is for mildly dirty water only.

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The Fountain Tech 3500 is intended for ponds of up to 1/3 acre and includes four display patterns (just change the nozzle).

The Fountain Tech 6000 is intended for ponds of 1/3 to 1/2 acre and includes six display patterns.

The Fountain Tech 14000 is intended for ponds up to 1/2 acre in size and includes three display patterns.

We have also created price-conscious LED light kits made especially for our fountain floats. But they will usually fit on other manufacturers’ floats as well. Check specifications.