Pump Manuals

Have you been dreaming of an outdoor oasis with stocked ponds and lakes? We can make that dream come true! Our team has everything for creating your perfect serene space. Call or order online today to start building a tranquil environment where harmony thrives, just as it should throughout nature’s vast majority.
We want to help you with any projects, so if you need more than the information on our site for your needs, just let us know. We are always happy when people reach out and say hello!

Floating Fountains are Affordable

Installing a fountain is easy and can be done in just minutes. The team at my fountain shop has everything you need to get started, with shipping ready-to-go or locally installed!

Lake Fountains Offer Natural Aeration

Lake fountains are an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your landscape while also providing necessary aeration for stagnant waters. A floating fountain can be more decorative than one that sits on land, and it splashes nutrients into lakes or ponds – controlling algae blooms in particular!

Fountains also Offer Beautiful LED Lighting Effects

How would you like your fountain to shine at night? Our new LED wide projection floodlights will allow it to be seen brightly from across the yard while also providing an elegant look during daytime hours. Choose between warm white or bright white for perfect brilliant illumination, whether on the lakefront property where the water reflects off blue skies all year round!

# Manual Name Manual PDF File Name
1 FT-105 FT-105.pdf
2 FT-1250 FT-1250.pdf
3 FT-130 FT-130.pdf
4 FT-1300 FT-1300.pdf
5 FT-160 FT-160.pdf
6 FT-1900, 3500, 6000, 8000 FT-1900_3500_6000_8000.pdf
7 FT-250 FT-250.pdf
8 FT-2500 FT-2500 Instructions.pdf
9 FT-300 FT-300.pdf
10 FT-40 FT_40.pdf
11 FT-450 FT-450.pdf
12 FT-650 FT-650.pdf
13 FT-70 FT-70.pdf
14 FT-70withlight FT-70-10W.pdf
15 FtT-40with Light FT-50-10W.pdf