If you are looking for a fountain pump for your pond project, your best options will include outdoor water pumps and submersible water pumps for fountains. However, selecting a pump can be a little confusing if you are not clear what exactly you want. At Fountain Tech Pumps, you will get a wide range of pond, water and fountain pumps which you can choose depending upon the water volume and head pressure you need. We provide the best outdoor water fountain pump as well as large pond pumps for sale.

Pumps are often the backbone of a pond or that of any water feature for that matter. In fact, it wouldn’t be an
exaggeration to state that a well-functioning pond ecosystem heavily relies on an efficient pond pump.

Hence, if you have been on the lookout for pond pumps for sale, or outdoor water fountain pumps, you must look for one which offers the following features:

  • Initiates the filtration system to keep the water feature healthy
  • Helps create fountains, waterfalls and streams in a flawless manner
  • Functions consistently throughout days and weeks, without the need to stop or rest
  • Offers energy-efficient functioning, thereby helping to keep the costs low

In addition to these features, the choice of outdoor pumps also depends on the utility you wish to derive from it. There are essentially two varieties for you to choose from –

Submersible Pumps
As the name suggests, submersible water pumps for fountains are placed below the surface of the water, usually inside the fountain or the pond, often in the safety of a skimmer. These pumps have always been sought-after by those looking for plumbing solutions for decorative water bodies, largely due to two reasons –

  • They facilitate quick and easy installation
  • Using submersible pumps does not require any priming

External Pumps
As you may have guessed, external pumps (inline) are placed on dry land, outside the pond or the water feature. While external pumps may often seem a little tricky to install, these large pond pumps are often in high demand owing to the following reasons –

  • Their high-energy efficiency, especially for pumping requirements above 2,500 gph
  • The remarkable return on investment that they offer

While these simple aspects will help you determine the type of pump that will best suit your requirements, if you still want expert assistance, we are just a call away. Get in touch with us, and our proficient technicians will help you find just the right outdoor fountain pump as well as the most befitting fountain pump replacement for your water feature!