Scott Cambridge Fountain



Scott’s Cambridge Floating Fountain is a breathtaking, elegant addition to your waterscape, providing plentiful aeration to your lake or pond to maintain aquatic health and oxygen levels. The Cambridge Fountain provides a beautiful, tranquil sound of a fountain’s cascading water.

Like all of the products Scott Aerator manufactures, The Cambridge Fountain utilizes a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor, making Scott Aerator fountains the most environmentally friendly ones on the market. Scott Aerator fountains are the only fountains on the market designed for four-season operation.

This fountain works in both fresh-water and salt-water.
The Cambridge Fountain is proudly manufactured in the USA and carries an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. Also available with lights. Also available with lights.

GFCI required. Please disconnect power source when swimmers are present.
ARL tested and approved to be in compliance with the applicable requirements of UL and the National Electric Code as complete packages.

Size 1HP 1.5HP 3HP
Spray Height 20 ft. 25 ft. 30 ft.
Spray Width 25 ft. 30 ft. 35 ft.
Recommended Pond Size 0.5 – 1 Acre 1 – 2 Acres 1 Acre and above
Min. Pond Depth 44 inches 50 inches 60 inches
GPH 4,500 6,900 10,200
Voltage 115v / 230v 230v 230v
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