Kasco 8400JF-2 HP Display Fountain



Like everything else on our site, includes FREE SHIPPING and usually no sales tax! This is our favorite Kasco pond fountain, recommended for aerating 1-1 1/2 acre ponds. This is the 240-volt model, but 3-phase is available. Assembled in USA.  Very large droplets and displays. This is a powerful floating fountain. 5 Fountain Displays Included! Nozzles are easy to change in 30 seconds. Plus, very nice premium nozzles are available for a small, additional price. Please see our closeup on a nozzle pic so you can see how big the nozzle holes are. The bigger the hole, the lower the height, but the more aeration!

The great thing about Kasco fountains, even their display fountains, is that they aerate a lot!

Kasco has re-designed the 2-7.5 HP J series, decorative fountains for increased performance and improved pattern definition. These new models provide even more water flow for amazing laminar displays, with no increase in amperage usage. Installation is easy, but it is recommended an electrician sets up the 208-240v control box.

Though other manufacturers concentrate on display when it comes to decorative fountains, Kasco balances display with aeration. Their fountains do not display as great of heights as others, but by decreasing heights they aerate immensely more.  Everything else is easy to install, even light kits which include snap-on light clips. 3-year warranty, or you can also purchase for a small price an additional 2-year warranty to make 5!

Each Package Includes:

  • Motor unit
  • Float
  • Bottom screen
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Control panel with GFI protection
  • Mooring lines
  • Power cord
  • Operates at only11.0 amps, 208-240v
  • Operates in as little as 20 inches minimum water level

You can also add a Premium Nozzle listed below and seen in our product slide show.

Add Premium Nozzle Pattern Height Pattern Width
Mighty Oak 14.5 ft. 40 ft.
Magnolia 13.5 ft. 44 ft.
Mahogany 16 ft. 40 ft.
Madrone 15 ft. 40 ft.
Palm 12 ft. 26 ft.
Fern 12 ft. 36 ft. x 2 ft.
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