Care and Maintenance

Stocking Fish Pond with Fish

Fish stocking a 1-acre pond According to the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources, a fish pond should be at least five feet deep. It is suitable for stocking with bluegill, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and largemouth bass. Avoid stocking the common carp in small ponds, as once they multiply, they tend to keep … Read more

Benefits of a Pond Fountain Float

Benefits Of A Pond Fountain Float

A floating fountain is a type of water feature designed to create a visually stunning display of water in a pond, lake, or other body of water. These fountains are typically composed of a float on the water’s surface with a pump connected to it below the water’s surface that propels water through a nozzle, … Read more

What You Need to Maintain A Backyard Koi Pond

Koi ponds are marvelous amenities for any homeowner. A spacious pond with beautiful koi, plenty of plants, and other decorations can make for an attraction you would be thrilled to have all year round. However, it is important that your pond be handled with great care every day, or that pond can quickly get unhealthy … Read more

Four Tips for Taking Care of Koi in Your Pond

A koi pond is a great amenity to add to your backyard, but of course, you will have to take care of it by the day in order to keep it healthy. Koi are small, orange and white fish that make for simple outdoor pets that can liven up your pond space, but with the … Read more

Four Ways to Keep Your Pond Cool This Summer

When the summer months arrive, you could be worried about your pond becoming too warm. Sure, when you get into a pool on a summer day, it’s sure to be cold, but with continuous water pressure from your fountain and pump, the continuous flow of water makes it warmer. The problem is, water that is … Read more

Smart Tips to Effectively Safeguard Your Koi Pond

Proper planning is necessary if you want to keep your koi pond safe from predators, and adequate planning is a personal initiative you should take. You can also choose to buy submersible water pumps for fountains to help you with the task of keeping the pond fresh, attractive, and clean. Besides buying submersible water pumps … Read more

Four Ways Your Pond Loses Water and You Might Not Know It

Outdoor fountains require a heavy amount of surveillance. They need to be kept clean and aerated, you need to make sure the pump is working continuously, but you also would like a perfect water level so that there is enough water to pump at all times. The water level in your fountain is important so … Read more

Tips to Care for your Garden Fountain

Adding a fountain to your garden can be a beautiful addition. However, while they add a certain spritz to your landscape, they do require maintenance and care if you want them to last you for a long time and give you your money’s worth. In this article, we will share some simple yet effective maintenance … Read more