Smart Tips to Effectively Safeguard Your Koi Pond

Proper planning is necessary if you want to keep your koi pond safe from predators, and adequate planning is a personal initiative you should take. You can also choose to buy submersible water pumps for fountains to help you with the task of keeping the pond fresh, attractive, and clean.

Besides buying submersible water pumps for fountains you have to put up measures that will help you protect your Koi Pond from predators. Here are some of the tips on how you can do that.

Avoid Parasites

You have to put up a good and efficient biological filter that will help you in safeguarding your pond from parasites. Parasites are a significant threat since they are carriers of bacteria that can be disastrous to Koi. They cause koi diseases such as ulcers and fin Rot. You should then encourage the existence of good bacteria by planting naturally occurring bacterial sponges such as Anacharis plants.

Purchase and Install a Floating Mesh for Your Koi Fish Pond

A 3/8-inch floating mesh can be a very vital mechanism of protecting your Fish Pond against predators. The floating mesh helps in fastening around the pond. It is also made up of UV resistant black polypropylene that makes the mesh almost invisible. As such, animals and other predators from the outside the pond cannot be able to reach the inside of the pond to capture the Koi.

Add Koi Houses to Act as Hiding Places

Adding Koi houses to the pond is another vital mechanism that you can apply to protect your koi pond from predators. These koi houses are in the form of a mesh, sturdy cages. They are placed at the bottom of the pond. So when a Koi spots a predator, it swims to the bottom into the cages to try and have protection from the predators.

Use Physical Barriers

You can use physical barriers to protect your Koi pond from predators. These physical barriers include having an electric fence around the pond. The electric fence keeps away predators that may want to pose a threat to the Koi ponds. However, using physical barriers can be so dangerous to children and birds. You have to be cautious when using them.

Use Deterrents Such as Scare Crows

Using homemade scarecrows or those you have purchased can be so effective in keeping away predators from the Koi pond. The scarecrows can be so effective in keeping away birds. However, they may not be effective to animals once the animals get used to them.

In the end, besides putting up these measures to protect your koi fish, you can also make the pond look attractive and clean by opting for fountains. While choosing submersible water pumps you need to consider a lot of factors like the head pressure, energy efficiency, build quality and material used along with the water volume. Needless to say, reach a reliable supplier who provides quality pumps and other fountain kits at an affordable price.

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