The Benefits of Surface Pond Aeration

Surface Aeration of a water body can be accomplished in three ways. A display pond fountain can be used, which aerates less than the other two options. An aerating pond fountain can be used, which provides a “V” display only but aerates more than a display pond fountain but less than the plain surface aerator, which we are highlighting in this post.

Kasco Aerators, or High Oxygen Transfer Units, are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial aqua culture operations. With more vertical pump type aerators in use in North America than any other manufacturer, Kasco Aerators have been field tested and proven superior. Aerators are used when a decorative fountain pattern is neither necessary or desired.

Common Applications:

  • Commercial aquaculture
  • Residential ponds and lakes where highest level of aeration is required
  • Retention ponds
  • Leachate ponds
  • Industrial lagoons
  • Waste water lagoons
  • Marina entrance and navigation

Aerators agitate high volumes of water at the surface to maximize exposure of water to the air for gas exchange. Kasco Aerators are in use around the world in commercial aquaculture applications to farm ponds; from municipal waste water plants to your back yard, Kasco Aerators are designed to perform under a variety of conditions to ensure quality to you. Bottom Screen not included in price. Auburn University has performed tests on Kasco Aerators and has found that Kasco’s Aerators SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency) for all models is at least 3.0 lbs. of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation.

Of course, Kasco surface aerators can be combined with display fountains when you still want a pretty display but need to add more aeration to your body of water. Also, if you illuminate the aerators at night even mere aerators can be beautiful.

If your body of water is deeper than seven feet, on average, you need to use bottom aeration.

So what size do I need?

Kasco offers the following advice for aeration. Kasco’s recommendations, in our experience, or for optimum aeration, and we have quite often found that customers don’t need as high of horsepower as Kasco recommends. A lot has to do with the degree of algae problem and with number and size of fish in the pond.

Fountain, Aerator, & Circulator sizing:
A quick rule of thumb is as follows

  • 1hp per acre for high oxygen transfer, “AF”, pond surface aerator models.
  • 1.5hp per acre for the VFX Series Aerating Fountains
  • 2hp per acre for the JF Series Display Aerating Fountains
  • Exception: the 4400VFX and 4400HVFX will aerate a 3/4 acre area due to the more efficient 4 blade prop

Fountain Mountain lists these with or without float. You can choose what upgrades you want and cable size at checkout.  Kasco is the leader in pond aeration, and Fountain Mountain is proud to be a distributor of their products for over fifteen years. Available in 120 or 240-volt, with or without float, with or without bottom screen.

ModelSizeMin. DepthVoltage / PhaseRunning Amps
2400AF1/2 hp15″120V / Single5.7
3400AF3/4 hp18″12V/Single7.0
3400HAF3/4 hp18″240V / Single3.5
4400AF1 hp19″120V / Single9.1
4400HAF1 hp19″240V / Single4.5
8400AF2 hp20″240V / Single9.0
2.3AF2 hp20″208/240V / 3 Phase4.5
3.1AF3 hp24″240V / Single10.7
3.3AF3 hp24″208/240V / 3 Phase8.2
5.1AF5 hp26″240V / Single18
5.3AF5 hp26″