Four Ways to Keep Your Pond Cool This Summer

When the summer months arrive, you could be worried about your pond becoming too warm. Sure, when you get into a pool on a summer day, it’s sure to be cold, but with continuous water pressure from your fountain and pump, the continuous flow of water makes it warmer. The problem is, water that is too warm can be detrimental to fish and plant life inside the pond. Not only can warm water be too hot for fish to survive in, but it also makes it easier for algae to appear and grow thanks to the warm sunlight.

If you are concerned that your pond get too warm or even hot in the summer, there are a few things you can do in order to cool it. Cooling your pond will keep your fish healthy and minimize their exposure to the sun. The one thing to not do is to simply add colder water. Fish and plants won’t get used to this swift change of temperature and could die as a result.

Here are some safe ways to cool your pond to consider:

Add Water Lilies

Lilies and other shady water plants will simply block some sunlight from entering the pond. They are proven to do a good job protecting fish from outside heat, so that the water is significantly cooler. Lilies can also add natural beauty to any pond to make it more-lively.

Treat Your Pond with Pond Tinting

Pond tinting is the process of coloring the pond water to make it look more appealing. They often come in blue, but are also available in other colors, if you prefer. Pond tint will be able to mask the sunlight’s abilities so that less heat enters the pond. Of course, this tint is also safe for your fish. This is one way to keep your pond cool and also make it look beautiful.

Add an Aerator or Waterfall

When you look for the best outdoor fountain pump supplies, you should consider an aerator. It is designed for keeping your pond clean and for fish and plants to receive new water filled with oxygen. What an aerator can also do is gather cold air and take it underwater along with that oxygen.

You can also add a waterfall to your pond for the same effects, however you might need a fan to accompany the waterfall so water can be cooled as it falls into the pond continuously. A waterfall can definitely make your pond look gorgeous and all add value to your property.

Plant Trees Around the Pond

Trees are also a good way to provide shade around your pond, thus protecting it from heat caused by the sun. Growing trees will take a lot of time, so you can order mature trees and have them planted around your pond courtesy of a landscaping team.

If you don’t want trees on your property, or it is too expensive, you can consider buying umbrellas to place around your pond. You can choose which color umbrellas you want, and you can choose where to install them around your pond. The caveat is that if you have a pond that looks fancy, the umbrellas might break up that appeal from their appearance alone.

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