Four Ways Your Pond Loses Water and You Might Not Know It

Outdoor fountains require a heavy amount of surveillance. They need to be kept clean and aerated, you need to make sure the pump is working continuously, but you also would like a perfect water level so that there is enough water to pump at all times.

The water level in your fountain is important so that it does not fall below the intake tube in your outdoor water fountain pump. With your pond being located outdoors, there can be many reasons in which your water levels may fall. We will go over the most common reasons with you.


The most primary means for water levels to drop is if the sun causes the water on the surface to evaporate. The hotter the sun gets, the more water that will evaporate, which is why water will evaporate faster in the summer than any other season. This is actually how rain forms. As water evaporates into the air, it comes back down to earth in the form of raindrops. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to prevent pond water from evaporating, but neither is it a serious problem for pond owners.

Pump Damage

Your water levels can also drop from your pond if you have a faulty fountain pump. However, a fountain pump will fail if there is another existing problem that causes water levels to drop in your pond. That is what you would like to have a perfect water level for your pond at all times, because it will prevent your fountain pump from burning out and breaking down. If your pump is burnt out, you can fortunately buy a new pump online.


Perhaps you have a leak in your pond and not even realize. When this happens, you will eventually notice less and less water being pumped. In response to this, you should check your pond for leaks, as water could possibly be trickling underground. With every underground leak, the amount of water you will lose is uncertain, so more often than not, you will want to have that leak fixed as soon as possible. You don’t want to add more water in your pond until then, because you might end up giving more water to the leak and make the ground around the pond softer.


This happens often, albeit you would only notice this over a period of time. Animals tend to want to bathe in the pond every once in a while, including birds, ducks, and squirrels. Predatory animals that are searching for fish, such as raccoons can also mess with your pond. To prevent animals from taking water out of your pond, you can use either water lilies or netting, the latter which can take the beauty away from your pond, despite being much more effective. Lilies can hide your fish from being seen by animals, while birds that want to bath will still bathe in your pond regardless.

Why You Should Continue to Monitor Your Water Level

Monitoring your water level in your pond is important so that you can fix any problems as soon as they appear. Of course, you can always add more healthy water to the pond when you are low on water, but that isn’t always a fix-it-and-forget-it problem.

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