Fountain Pump Replacements

Submersible Fountain Pumps: Understanding their Efficiency and Beauty

Submersible fountain pumps

Submersible fountain pumps are crucial in creating stunning and captivating water features in gardens, parks, and landscapes. These pumps are the unsung heroes that power fountains, waterfalls, and decorative ponds, adding an element of tranquility and aesthetic beauty to outdoor spaces. In this article, we will explore the world of fountain pumps submersible, exploring their efficiency … Read more

Choosing the Perfect Fountain Pattern from Kasco Fountains

Kasco fountains

Kasco offers a vast selection of fountain display patterns. It is challenging to make a selection based only on the looks. There are other factors that may be even more important than the beauty of the fountain patterns. These factors can make or break your viewing experience. Kasco pond fountains come in all sizes and shapes … Read more

Wholesale Fountain Pumps, Truly

wholesale fountain pumps

We Sell to the Fountain Manufacturer, Hydroponics Company, and Garden Center Market Fountain Tech offers discount retail prices but also truly wholesale prices on fountain pumps and pond pumps to the pond and garden industry. Wholesale prices are not listed online. But if you are a garden center, fountain manufacturer, hydroponics store or manufacturer, we … Read more

Types of pond aeration systems on offer

Pond Aeration Systems

Pond aerators, air pumps, or air compressors are typically required to provide oxygen throughout any pond. It is vital to have a healthy pond, especially during the summer months when the fish depend on the oxygen that the aeration system offers. While during cooler months, the aeration system will prevent the pond from freezing over … Read more

How to Choose Fountain Pump Replacement?

How to Choose Fountain Pump Replacement?

How to Choose Water Fountain Pump Replacement? It is essential to select the right fountain during replacement to ensure a smooth optimal flow of water. A too-large outdoor fountain pump makes the water splash out of the fountain, and if too little flows, and the water cannot reach the fountain’s top. We make some suggestions … Read more