FF-6000 Floating Pond Fountain



Our most powerful discount floating pond fountain. Complete with 6000 gph pump, 660’w pump, relatively higher pressure with a head of 32′! It doesn’t provide the flow volume of our 14000 model, but the spray is powerful.

28.5″ durable float, 90′ of mooring rope, coated steel filter basket, and nozzles for 6 patterns. Displays up to 14′ tall and up to 36′ in diameter. We could have manufactured taller displays but then we’d have to use smaller holes in nozzles, which would clog up and do less aeration. Simple installation. No tools required.

Gusher display is a very thick, geyser shape. Skinny Trumpet is an arch display about 14′ tall. Also there is a wide “V” display and a “V” shaped with short geyser display. Also, 2 specially engineered nozzles for higher water flow. The 7 slot (9′ tall and 23′ wide) and 24 hole nozzle (10′ tall and 35′ wide) provide great flow with intricate patterns. UL-approved.

YouTube assembly instructions on Fountain Mountain channel.

This is a superb pond fountain, especially for the price. Comes with 100′ cable, but you can purchase with 150-200′ cable as well. Easy to add lights if you want.

Nozzle Displays Included:

  • Geyser 13′ tall, thick gusher display, 5-7′ wide, depending on wind, large droplets!
  • Skinny Trumpet, 14′ tall, arched, thick water droplets for deep sound, 15′ wide
  • Wide V, height and width are adjustable, so they vary
  • Wide V with geyser Again, height and width are adjustable
  • Hi-Flow 7-slot: 9′ tall, 23′ wide, dramatic display
  • Hi-Flow 24-hole: 10′ tall, 35′ wide, lots of action from 24 holes!

Uses 660 watts, standard 110-120V plug
Requires min. 24″ depth

This was the very first floating fountain we manufactured. Some customers report ten years without a problem!

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