Single Nozzle for FT3500-6000 Pond Fountains



Missing a nozzle for FT-3500 or FT-6000 pond fountain?
Here are single nozzle replacement options:

Skinny Trumpet: The 7-slotted nozzle with the slightly arched top creates the Skinny Trumpet display

Gusher: The 7-slotted Nozzle with the flat top creates the Gusher display.

Geyser with Wide Trumpet: Cone Shape with center hole
To use the Geyser with Wide Trumpet Nozzle, remove the small
black plug from inside of the nozzle. This will allow water to
travel though the center tube.
To use this nozzle as a Wide Trumpet, replace the plug. This will
prevent water from traveling through the center tube.

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