FF-6000 Floating Pond Fountain



Our most powerful discount floating pond fountain. Complete with 6000 gph pump, 660’w pump, relatively higher pressure with a head of 32′! 28.5″ durable float, 90′ of mooring rope, coated steel filter basket, and nozzles for 6 patterns. Displays up to 14′ tall and up to 36′ in diameter. Simple installation. No tools required. Gusher display is a very thick, geyser shape. Skinny Trumpet is an arch display about 14′ tall. Also there is a wide “V” display and a “V” shaped with short geyser display. Also, 2 new nozzles for higher water flow. The 7 slot (9′ tall and 23′ wide) and 24 hole nozzle (10′ tall and 35′ wide). UL-approved. YouTube assembly instructions on Fountain Mountain channel. This is a superb pond fountain, especially for the price. Comes with 100′ cable, but you can purchase with 150-200′ cable as well. Easy to add lights if you want.. This is a great pond fountain.Again, here are the nozzle displays:

  • Geyser 13′ tall,, thick gusher display, 5-7′ wide, depending on wind, large droplets!
  • Skinny Trumpet, 14′ tall, arched, thick water droplets for deep sound, 15′ wide
  • Wide V, height and width are adjustable, so they vary
  • Wide V with geyser Again, height and width are adjustable
  • Hi-Flow 7-slot: 9′ tall, 23′ wide, dramatic display
  • Hi-Flow 24-hole: 10′ tall, 35′ wide, lots of action from 24 holes!
  • Uses 660 watts, standard 110-120V plug.
  • Requires min. 24″ depth

This was the very first floating fountain we manufactured. Some customers report ten years without a problem!

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