Tips to Select a Pond Pump

When you want to choose a pump for your fountain or pond, the crucial step is to ensure that it is able to maintain the water movement. Not allowing the water to move properly can lead to stagnation, mosquitoes, and algae accumulation. It is especially helpful to install the install large pond pumps if you have a big pond or a suitable pump depending upon its size. An appropriate pump size helps in equitable distribution of nutrients and oxygen.

In this article, we will see everything there is to learn about pond pumps.

Types of pumps

There are two main categories of pond water pumps – external and submersible. Each pump offers specific advantages depending upon its application. Let us discuss each in detail:

  • Submersible pond pump: These pumps are designed to be submerged in the pond’s deepest part. It is located directly under the pond vault. They are easy to install and offer an economical solution for small ponds. If your pond has aquatic life, then make sure your pond pump does not use oil to prevent leaks in the water.
  • Centrifugal Pond Pumps: These pumps are energy-efficient and installed in the dry part of the pond. These are large pond pumpsand typically more cumbersome to install. However, they are much easier to maintain.

When you are looking for a pond pump, it is important to keep in mind that they have suitable cord lengths. It should be long enough to be plugged away from the water. You must also avoid the use of extension cord.

Choosing the right pump size

Pond pumps sizes are chosen as per gallons per hour. Pond pumps with higher horsepower (HP) are considered to have large capacity. To determine the pond pump size, you need to first calculate the water volume in the pond. You can take help from a professional to help you select the right pump size as per your pond or fountain.

Factors to consider

For the pond life to sustain, the water must be circulated at least once per hour. For instance, if your pond is 500 gallon, then you require a pump that is able to run 500 gallons per hour at the peak of its discharge. If the pond has a pressurized filter, then you must consider turning the water at least once in every two hours.

Pump warranty

You must obviously look for pond pumps that have longer warranties. This usually indicates that the manufacturer is confident about their product and willing to stand behind it. Such pump manufacturers also offer you reliable service for the years to come.


You must also assess your budget before choosing a pond. The purchase price will help you narrow down your selection based on your budget. All it takes is a bit of ground research to help you make the right selection.

Keep all the above mentioned points in mind when making a purchase.

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