Three Colors to Consider for Pond Tinting

When maintaining a pond, you would like to ensure that it’s the healthiest that you can make it with a pond aerator and fountain pump. You can decorate your pond with dazzling fountain lights at night, but what about during the day. Well, you can make your entire pond beautiful right from where you stand with a pond tint, also known as a pond dye. A pond tint gives your pond an appealing color to make it stand out and look more appealing, and it is also safe around fish and plant life. If your pond is a murky brown or green, despite it being as clear as possible, a pond tint can radically make it more picturesque and pleasing to the eyes.

While there aren’t as many tint colors to choose from, such as pink or purple, there are a number of natural looking tints you can consider. Here are all the pond tint colors you can buy for your pond:

Aqua Blue

Blue used to be the only color for pond tints, but now they come in many different shades. Aqua blue is among the most popular, giving any pond a lively and refreshing look. Homeowners that want a pond that looks as healthy as it actually is with a fountain pump and other equipment can also buy aqua blue pond tint. This color tint involves yellow dyes in addition to blue ones so that it can absorb certain light wavelengths to create a tropical effect; aqua blue pond tint will definitely pop in beachy settings. Aqua blue tints can look too energetic for some so it can be mixed with other tints to make the pond still look more beautiful, but tamer to the eyes.

Royal Blue

Another popular shade of blue for pond tinting is royal blue. Unlike aqua blue, it does not feature any yellow tint, but a red tint to make it slightly warm in color temperature. This is considered a true, blue pond tint for homeowners that want a professional looking tint, and in any conventional pond setting, it looks marvelous. Royal blue is ideal for home or property owners who want to really impress guests during the daytime, and will certainly look appealing when surrounded by lush greenery and landscape. Royal blue can also blend in with other warmer-colored trees and plants, such as cherry blossom trees and lavender trees that flourish during the summer.


Yes, some manufacturers also offer pond tint in black, and while it does remind some people of oil, it can actually look amazing in the right settings. A black tint is best used in wooded areas where trees and rocks are commonplace. Black pond tint creates a mirrored surface with your pond, reflecting the image of anything surrounding it. If you have a well-kept natural yard with plenty of things to gawk at, a black pond can tie it all together to make the scene look artistic and not deathly at all. As mentioned before, pond tints can be combined to make new colors, so if you are not interested in a black pond, you can still use black tint to make your other pond tint darker in color.


Pond tints come in many shades of blue as well as black, and are used to increase the appeal of an outdoor setting with a pond. Aqua blue uses yellow tints to create a pond blue-green pond color. Royal blue uses red tints to create a true, blue pond color. Black can be used on its own or mixed with a blue pond tint.

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