5 essential benefits you enjoy when you buy pond fountains

If you are an owner of a property that has a pond in it, you know how important it is to maintain its look and overall quality. When you buy pond fountain, you not only make it appealing but also keeps the water fresh and free from pollution.

Why you need a Fountain?

If you live in an area that has long months of warm weather, the stagnant water in the pond becomes a breeding ground for insects and other harmful elements. It emits a foul odor and gets covered with green algae. However, when you install a fountain pump, it constantly moves the water and dissolves fresh oxygen, which eliminates all these elements and reduces water pollution.

Apart from improving the looks and dealing with pollution, pond fountains provide several other benefits.

Here is the list of all the benefits you can enjoy when you buy pond fountains:

  1. Improves the quality of water: Due to low oxygen levels, the bottom sediments of the pond releases noxious gases that can deteriorate the quality of water. By using a proper pond fountain, fresh and dissolved oxygen is mixed in the waterbody that converts phosphorus. This converted phosphorus is not usable by algae for food. It also denies proper sunlight to the algae, which helps in restricting their growth.
  2. Removes odors: During long summer weather, when water is left stagnant for a long period, it starts emitting a foul odor. This smell is created because of the high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas present in the water. When the bottom sediments are mixed with fresh and dissolved oxygen, these odor-causing elements are eliminated, which makes the pond water fresh again.
  3. Improves the aquatic habitat: Stratification occurs when there is a change in the water temperature. This change is caused by the different layers in the water at different depths. This thermal stratification causes oxygen depletion, which reduces the overall quality of the aquatic ecosystem. This also leads to the death of many aquatic organisms. When a proper aeration system is installed, it disrupts the thermal stratification that helps in creating a healthier habitat.
  4. Prevents the growth of mosquitos: Stagnant water also becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos. When a pond fountain is installed, it creates a constant flow in the water that prevents mosquitos from breeding. This method acts as a natural mosquito control system.
  5. Helps reduce the accumulation of bottom sediment: Due to depletion in the oxygen levels, the buildup of bottom sediments is increased. When you install a pond fountain, it provided proper aeration to the water. This aeration system dissolves fresh oxygen in the water continuously, which reduces the accumulation of bottom sediments. This also prevents the need for future dredging.

Investing in good quality of pond fountain offers many benefits not only to the owner but also to the aquatic habitat living in the pond.

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