KASCO 7.5HP Fountain, the Biggest One!



7.5 HP unit for most power and beauty. This is the 208-240v model (only available in 3-phase). Kasco Marine’s largest fountain.
Package includes:

Motor with 5-year warranty
Five interchangeable nozzles included or you can add Premium Nozzle for $250!
Control panel with GFI protection
Mooring lines
Bottom screen
Operates in 28 inches of water!
Optional lighting packages and premium nozzles.
208voltage uses 20 amps
460voltage uses 10 amps

Kasco Marine fountains provide the most aeration on the market. To aerate as well as they do, they cannot provide the heights of other brands, which do less aeration as a tradeoff for height. If you need even more height, you can order a Scott pond fountain, which will aerate less but go higher.

This is one super-powerful fountain!


For ponds with a lot of much buildup, you might want to add Kasco Macrozyme, a bacteria which is non-toxic to humans, fish and other animals, and releases billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to reduce muck, neutralize odors, and clean your water. One 8-oz bag treats about 1/2 acre feet of water. You can call us for purchase of 6 lbs blocks!

Add Premium Nozzle
Pattern Height Pattern Width
Mighty Oak 27 ft. 60 ft.
Magnolia 26 ft. 80 ft.
Mahogany 29 ft. 72 ft.
Madrone 26 ft. 75 ft.
Palm 22 ft. 42 ft.
Fern 24 ft. 66 ft. x 2 ft.

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