Can an Outdoor Fountain Increase the Value Of Your Property?

What do you feel when seeing a water feature on someone’s property? It could be a Koi pond, a bird bath, or a fountain. When people get a backyard, they also find ways to deck it up by using foliage and different kinds of water features.

Did you also know that adding a water feature could increase the value of your home? That’s only when you intend to sell it.

But let’s say you are getting a swimming pool; you’re doing that for your enjoyment, and of course, you would also get a fair value for your property. But because of the cost of maintenance and the fact that many don’t like swimming pools, and additions to your insurance costs, having a swimming pool might even decrease the value of your property.

How about installing a fountain? There are properties with ponds; you could also transform a little water body with a fountain. Of course, it would need an outdoor water fountain pump to maintain the water. Now, the question is – Should you add a fountain to increase the value of your property? Read this post as we mention how a water feature may help increase the value of your property.

Why does a homeowner add a water feature like a fountain?

A recent study showed that looking at a water feature may calm you down. It gives a relaxed feeling to your mind. Many homeowners add it for aesthetic purposes, but studies showed that water features help reduce stress and lower the risk of depression.

It’s stressful, and everyone’s trying to run in the rat race. Getting back home and sitting near the fountain can help calm your nerves. That’s why we suggest fountains in ponds or even the backyard.

Does Adding a Fountain Increase the Property Value?

Absolutely! Thing of it in terms of a landscape upgrade. People pay more for properties with good landscaping than those needing TLC. Having a water feature adds value and increases the demand for your property. Of course, having a fountain in the front yard adds to the curb appeal. In addition, backyard fountains create a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere, and if you are trying to sell the property, then adding a fountain will beautify the place. Some buyers are just looking for that little something extra when they purchase a home.

Add some lights to the fountain, and you will have more takers. You can add lights to the fountain itself or point them up at it, and spread out lights throughout the hard to highlight focal points in your yard. The prospective buyers are looking for a house, but they will get bowled over by the outdoors and probably give you the right price.

As a seller, you have to think about fetching the best price. Your motivation should be to beautify the indoors and outdoors so that buyers fight to buy the property.

In all likelihood, this is a golden chance for you to sell your property. You can easily get pond fountains online; even the pump and lights are available on websites. Choose a reliable supplier/manufacturer, and install everything correctly.