Golf Course Fountains and Aerators

Golf course fountains provide a hazard to golfers but also create beauty and a sense of tranquility on the course. A golf course pond or lake hazard needs to be maintained in order to reduce mosquito breeding, prevent algae, noxious odors, and keep the pond or lake aerated. Fountain Tech offers a wide selection of fountains and aerators for golf courses. Whether you are trying to focus on decoration or aeration or both, we’ve got you covered.

Available in 110v-240v single-phase or 208-240v three-phase, Fountain Tech offers Fountain Tech fountains (our discount line manufactured by us for small golf courses on a budget), or Scott fountains for gigantic displays, or Kasco fountains for the most aeration and smallest required depths on the market.

Adding Oxygen to the Water

Besides the decorative feature of pond fountains, they also add oxygen to the water, which will destratify and oxygenate the pond or lake, thus reducing the build up of muck at the bottom, which enables algae growth and causes the pond to smell over time. The chopping at the water’s surface also will reduce stagnation and mosquito breeding. If fish are present, the oxygen will keep them healthier. For the highest aeration level of a pond fountain, we recommend an aerating fountain. These use a propeller instead of an impeller, like decorative fountains, and no nozzle is needed, thus not restricting flow the way decorative nozzles do. However, even Kasco decorative nozzles provide a great deal of flow. When using a decorative pond fountain that also needs to provide sufficient aeration, it is important to compare brands to find out which ones provide not only the best displays but also the most aeration.

No More Bottom Sediment Build-up

A pond fountain provides aeration to reduce sediment buildup at the bottom, which over time will decrease your pond’s depth and send up noxious bubbles causing algae blooms and malodorous pond environments. An increase in pond oxygen levels will speed up the decomposition of the muck, reducing  unwanted algae blooms and smells. Otherwise, this bottom sediment builds up over time and decreases your pond depth. At the same time, the bottom muck sends up noxious bubbles that increase algae and strong pond smells. When there is an increase in oxygen level, it helps speed up the decomposition, making your pond healthier.

How to Choose a Pond Fountain or Aerator

To understand how to best aerate your pond, you first need to know your pond’s depth. The depth of your pond will determine whether you need a surface aerator or you need bottom aeration. Surface aerators float on the surface and are either tethered to the shoreline or can be tethered by cinder blocks. Bottom aeration utilizes a compressor somewhere at the shore which pumps air through tubing to diffuser(s) at the bottom of the pond.

If your pond is over seven feet deep, on average, you will need bottom aeration to aerate effectively. If desired, you may combine with surface aeration for decorative purposes.

To calculate your pond’s size, all you need to know is length x width (surface acreage). But for deep ponds, you will need to know acre feet (length x width x average depth). You can calculate both and also your monthly energy cost by using our handy pond size and energy calculator here.

For ponds or lakes with unusual shapes, we recommend you call us for best advice about proper aeration.

Decorative Fountains

Decorative fountains aerate less than aerating fountains. Decorative fountains use nozzles to create spray patterns, often including several nozzles in each kit. They do not provide as much aeration as aerating fountains.

Kasco Fountains versus Scott Fountains versus Fountain Tech Fountains

For the most height of any fountains, we recommend Scott fountains.  With a variety of nozzles to choose from, Scott fountains reach a height of up to 80’, and all of these USA made products come with a 5-year warranty. Scott is a well-known American company with decades of experience. Truly gigantic displays are created by their pump and nozzle combinations.

Scott Amherst fountain
A Scott Amherst Fountain

For decorative fountains with the most aeration, we suggest Kasco fountains. The holes on the nozzles are large and the pressure significant enough to aerate as well as display!

Kasco 1HP fountain with premium display
A Kasco 1HP fountain with premium display
 Close up of high flow of a Kasco nozzle
Close up of high flow of a Kasco nozzle

We offer our Fountain Tech line of pond fountains for a discount choice. These fountains aerate quite a bit for their size and the displays are quite pretty, especially for the price.

Fountain with Crown and Trumpet
Fountain Tech 1400 Fountain with Crown and Trumpet

All three manufacturers also offer LED kits, in warm white, color changing, or with remote controls (some programmable to music).

Aerating Fountains

Aerating fountains use propellers to form the shape of the display (a V-pattern) and aerate quite a bit more than display fountains do. The flow rate is much higher than when water is restricted by a nozzle. When measuring the output of a fountain, one needs to consider more than the maximum flow rate of a pump. You see, the pump’s flow rate is measured when no restrictions are put upon its output. The flow rate you need to concentrate on is actual flow rate to the pond. Since aerating fountains have less restriction to the flow rate, they aerate more than decorative fountains, which use nozzles, whose holes create the patterns but necessarily restrict water flow out of the pump.

Kasco V-shape aerating fountain
A Kasco V-shape aerating fountain at night

Bottom Aeration (Diffuser Systems)

As noted above, bottom aeration uses a compressor at the shore to pump air to one or more diffusers in the pond or lake. If your pond is deep, this is the kind of set up you will need. The water bubbles rise from the bottom of the pond, thus oxygenating even the deepest levels. Pond fountains, on the other hand, draw water from below the surface, but only draw to a shallow depth, less than seven feet.

About Fountain Tech

Fountain Tech is a subsidiary of Fountain Mountain, Inc, offering pond and fountain products since 1999. We pride ourselves in customer service. We will happily arrange great terms for those looking for golf course fountains.