Golf Course Fountains

Best Pond Fountains for Golf Courses

Golf course fountains are a beautiful addition to your golf course, whether it’s a small 9-holer or a premium club.

Golf course ponds have challenges that many other water applications don’t. For one thing, and this is true especially in areas of drought, the ponds are often shallow. After all, the main reasons for a pond on a golf course are to form a hazard for golfers and to beautify the surroundings.

Because of the frequency of very shallow ponds at golf courses, we suggest using a Kasco fountain or aerator because of the very minimal depth the pumps require for safe operation. A Kasco ¾ HP fountain, for instance, requires a mere 17.5 inches of water for safe operation of the pump. The 1 HP model requires a mere 19 inches of water.

Kasco’s state of the art technology features extremely high flow rates, independently tested, and incredible energy efficiency.  

The reason high flow rates are important is that more aeration takes place. When aeration is added to a pond or lake, it decreases stratification in the water, reduces mosquito populations, is healthier for fish, if you have them, decreases muck build up a the bottom of the pond or lake, reduces algae, and gets rid of bad odors from the pond.

Golf courses, of course, aim at their customers, who wish for a pleasant experience on the greens. When water is stagnant and odorous that pleasant time is dampened. Mosquitoes and algae can become problems, too.

Kasco Decorative Fountains

Kasco decorative fountains are designed with both aesthetics and aeration in mind. Though they feature beautiful displays, they also have a very high rate of flow, thus providing much-need oxygen to the water. All Kasco decorative fountain kits come complete with multiple quick-change nozzles. Though many other brands focus on height of a fountain, Kasco tries hard to balance aesthetics and aeration abilities. Their one-horsepower or two-horsepower or five-horsepower golf course fountains (or smaller or larger ones) do not provide as much height as some competitors, but that is because they focus on balancing pond health and beauty. You see, to achieve great heights, fountain nozzle holes must be decreased in size, but that reduction restricts the actual flow rate of the fountain, thus hindering aerating capability.

Kasco Aerating Fountains

Kasco aerating fountains provide a wonderful balance between aesthetics and aeration. Using a propeller instead of an impeller (like decorative fountains), these fountains have enormous flow rates and still are beautiful to look at. Because a propeller is used and because it provides the display (no nozzle attached), the fountain is available in the classic V-shape only. Just like their decorative fountains, Kasco aerating fountain kits come complete with motor, highly durable float, bottom screen, power cord, mooring ropes, and a control panel featuring a timer, photocell, and human-rated GFCI protection. These are highly engineered, well-made complete kits, easy to install.

Kasco Diffusers for Deep Ponds

If your pond is greater than seven feet in average depth, a Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration System is the right choice. A shore-mounted compressor pushes air through weighted tubing to a diffuser at the bottom of the pond. Oxygen-transfer levels are extremely high, and the beneficial mixing prevents weed overgrowth, algae, mosquito breeding, and those obnoxious odors that can become a problem in un-oxygenated water. Also, since bubbles rise to the surface instead of a fountain pounding water below, this option provides for a still, calm pond surface.

Kasco’s Great Reputation

Kasco employs several engineers and biologists who aim for energy-efficiency, very honest flow rates, and extremely high reliability in the field.