Choosing the Right Type Of Fountain Water Pump

Fountain pumps are the pumps used in fountains to supply water flow to fountains. They are used in water features for aesthetic purposes and aeration in commercial, residential and industrial applications. These pumps can be configured for indoor or outdoor usage. The size of the pool or pond or water feature determines what size is needed. Their type may also depend on whether the application is decorative or functional. You may even find solar-powered water fountains pumps that work with a good pump wired to a solar panel to create a special garden or landscape feature when no electrical outlet is nearby.

Types Of Fountain Pumps

Fountain pumps are classified into three categories based on their operating method, application and whether it is external or submersible.


Based on their operation, water fountains pumps can be classified by either the dynamic or positive displacement principle. Dynamic pumps can be further sub-classified as centrifugal pumps, which utilize fluid momentum and velocity to generate pump pressure and positive displacement pumps, which use expanding and contracting cavities for moving fluids. The former produces a variable flow and hence is most suited for generating high flow rates with low-viscosity fluids, whereas the latter produces a constant flow which is most suited for producing high pressure with high-viscosity fluids. Fountain pumps move water using pressure from a centrifugal force. The movement of an impeller creates this centrifugal force. The pump drives the water to an aerator. This free-flowing water tends to gather oxygen as it falls back to the surface, thus providing aeration and enabling microbial action for the breakdown of wastewater. This also includes oxygenation for fish in ponds.


The two broad categories that fountain pumps can be divided into based on their application are commercial and industrial. The fountains mainly used for decorative purposes usually use magnetic drive pumps that turn the impellers. They may be submersible or “inline” out-of-water categories. Indoor pumps are used for decorative devices or small indoor fountains as they have low flow rates and are usually small and quiet. Outdoor pumps are larger and designed to pump more water per hour and are thus used with outdoor fountain fixtures for aesthetics and aerator fountains.

Industrial water fountain pumps are used to aerate wastewater from manufacturing processes to treat water or sewage for municipal use. These pumps circulate stagnant water to reduce the buildup of algae or mosquitoes and provide higher flow rates and pressure.

External And Submersible

The motor of submersible pumps is hermetically sealed in the pump body to allow the entire system to be submerged within the water source. Submersible pumps are much easier to install and are also less expensive. On the other hand, external pumps are designed to be used outside the water bodies and may require a more elaborate installation setup. However, these pumps are more efficient and have lower operating costs. Hence, they are used in larger ponds and reservoirs. External pumps are designed to handle the back pressure associated with a pressurized external filter. Also, they are easier to clean and repair and last longer.


Thus, the type of water fountain pump you choose will depend strictly upon whether you want it to be submersible, your application, and the kind of operation you are looking for.