Underwater & Fountain Lights

LED Lights



Very nice. 144-bulb LED, time-tested to last. May be used in or out of water. Comes with transformer and 33′ cable. Available in blue or changes colors randomly. We like this unit because it produces a great deal of light and is reliable.

Stainless Steel LED Pond Fountain Light Kit

Very nice LED pond light kit. Can fit many brands. Just make sure the brackets will fit your float.
Each kits comes with 100′-200′ cable to shore, transformer, stainless steel light fixtures (each fixture includes three 6-watt LEDs). Plenty of illumination. Available in all white, all blue, or changing colors.

Definitely fits on Fountain Tech floating fountains.
For universal application, please see image of our mounting bracket to make sure it will fit your float.  Rectangular side of bracket is 2 7/8″ long and 1 5/8″ wide.  May be shortened by cutting. You will need to be able to fit this bracket to your float. There is a large hole for inserting bolt. Most pond fountain floats have holes in them for attaching lights. Please inspect your float to make sure.

This is truly a great pond light kit for the money. Nice construction and high lumens.