X-Large Fountain, 6-watt Remote Controlled Lights w/ Control Panel



Three Patterns included! Very nice displays on this floating fountain unit.
Save by purchasing from manufacturer!

Complete Fountain Kit Includes:

  •   29″ durable float
  •   14,000 gph vertical fountain pump (560 watts, 4.7 amps, 120-volt)
  •   90′ of mooring cable
  •   Stainless steel filter cage
  •   Comes standard with 100′ of cable
  •   Three nozzles

Large water droplets provide lots of aeration and cool ambient sound. This is a very beautiful unit. Please see video of fountain in action.  This is a formidable pond fountain. Your neighbors will enjoy it too! Compare to other 1/2HP units that claim to run on under 300 watts (don’t believe that that is possible)!

Displays Included:

2-Tier Crown and Trumpet
6′ tall, 35′ wide (Prettiest display and also provides lots of aeration.)

Skinny Trumpet
13′ tall, 8′ wide

5′ tall, 13′ wide

Requires min. 30″ depth.
Available in 110-120v only.

Aeration Capabilities

The Classic display offers the highest aeration capabilities of the three patterns, the 2-Tier Crown and Trumpet the second highest, and the Skinny Trumpet offers the least aeration of the three patterns.  As with all fountains, the amount of total aeration is going to depend on the size and number of holes in each nozzle.

Plug into a GFCI for safety!

For ponds with a lot of muck buildup, you might want to add Kasco Macrozyme, a bacteria which is non-toxic to humans, fish, and other animals, and releases billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to reduce muck and neutralize odors and clean your water. One 8 0z bag treats 1/2 acre foot of water. Also, pumps will last longer in cleaner water! You can also add lights at checkout if desired.

Includes LED Light Kit with Remote Control

Great lights kits! You can choose changing color or you can pick a color and stick with it with your color wheel remote control. This is the 3-watt per fixture set, Three fixtures. You can do a lot with 19 total watts. The fixtures are made of bronze and brackets fit snugly to the float with six screws! (We are out of stock of your 9-watt fixtures.)

We have included a photo of the light brackets so you can decide whether they will fit your float. You will see three mounting holes on left side of photo for adding screws or bolts. You can mount to any one of the three holes. (Our Fountain Tech floats provide sturdy mounting to these lights as you screw into two holes per fixture mount to your inserts at bottom of our float.)

There is a photocell included so that lights come on at dark and turn off automatically at dawn. No timer necessary!

Complete Light Kit Includes:

  • Three LED 6-watt fixtures, 24-volt system
  • Three versatile mounting brackets
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Control Box and Remote
  • 100′-200′ of cable included
  • 1-year warranty
  • Manufactured by Fountain Tech™
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