Fountain Tech Nozzle ( FT-05noz )

Comes with a Bell nozzle, Multi Tier Blossom nozzle, and Frothy nozzle. Nozzles can directly fit over 1 1/4″ threading. Features an extension that adjusts from 12″ to 18″ in height. Below extension is a piece that adds 9″ to total height. The middle piece features an adjustable water flow diverter, adjustable nozzle flow restriction, and a ball joint for tilting the nozzle when pond beds are uneven. Middle piece screws into a pump that accepts 1″ threading, or if the ball joint is removed, 1 1/4″ threading. Water flow diverter accepts 1 1/4″ threading. Featured for the water flow diverter is tubing connectors that accept 5/16″ inner diameter tubing, 3/4″ inner diameter tubing, 7/8″ inner diameter tubing, and 1 1/4″ inner diameter tubing. Blossom nozzle can be adjusted as the inside is threaded. 1250-2600 Gallons Per Hour. Works with FT-1250, FT-1300, FT-2100, and FT-2600 Fountain Tech pumps.