FF-3500 Floating Pond Fountain

Up to 18′ display! VERY energy-efficient.
Fountain Tech’s original floating pond fountain. Great price on this one. Compare to prices by other vendors. 1-year warranty. Easy to assemble, no tools required. Ready to plug and play, just connect to your GFCI for safety or buy our fountain control box. Nice displays. Each pond kit comes with 100′ of cable-to-pump standard, durable 27″ float, steel filter basket, 100′ mooring rope, 3500 gallon per hour pump. 290 watts only! Standard 110-120v plug in. This is our most popular floating fountain because of its low price, four included great displays, and low energy use. Now comes with float locknut for easier change of nozzle. Also available in longer cords.

Displays Included:

Geyser  18′ , skinny

Skinny Trumpet, 12′ tall, arched

Wide V, height and width are adjustable, so they vary

Wide V with geyser   Again, height and width are adjustable

Up to 18' display! VERY energy-efficient. Fountain Tech's original floating pond fountain. This is a real steal. Compare to prices by other vendors. 1 -year warranty.